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Don’t Rely Solely On RPR When It Comes To Fences

RPR Warning

Real Property Reports (RPR) and Fences

My neighbour refuses to believe that the fence between our two properties was on the boundary. He says that his real property report shows the fence as being inside his property line by 0.27 metres and, therefore, he had the right to tear down the fence.
-Signed Derek

First, a real property report usually contains the following statement, “The attached plan should not be used to establish boundaries because of the risk of misinterpretation or measurement error by the user.”

No one should be using their real property report to determine where to put up (or tear down) a fence.  The real property report was not meant for that purpose. Instead, get an Alberta Land Surveyor to physically mark on the ground where the property line so you can build the fence on or inside the property line and save a big headache.

In this case, the neighbour misread the real property report. The fence between the neighbour and Derek’s property was on the property line. It was the fence between Derek’s property and the back alley that was inside the property line by 0.27 metres.

Source: Boundaries newsletter and the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.