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DIY: Check Land Title To View Sale Price (Free Method)

Did you know that you can check the sale price of a home by just previewing the land title in Alberta – for free?

The only caveat is that the property must have already transferred ownership, so it won’t show the selling price for any recent sales.


To preview the title, you need to know one of four descriptors of the home:

  • Legal description (Plan, Block, and Lot Number)
  • Land Identification Number Code (LINC number)
  • Title number
  • Street Address

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to assume all you have is the street address to go by.


Go to the Alberta Land Titles Spatial Information System (SPIN2 for short) and click on “Guest Login” and agree to the terms.

Click on "Guest Login"

Click on “Guest Login”


Click on the “Search”

Click on Search

Click on “Search”


Select “Search By Street Address”

Select: "Search By Address"

Select: “Search By Street Address”


After entering the address and clicking “FIND”, the map will zoom to the general vicinity.  From here, hover your cursor over the correct parcel of land and a small white box with numbers will pop up.

Enter the address, click find, and then find the correct parcel

Enter the address, click find, and then find the correct parcel

The white box that appears displays the LINC Number and the Legal Description (Plan/Block or Unit/Lot)

Write down the LINC number

LINC Number and Legal Description for future reference


While still in map view, there’s a navigation bar at the bottom of the page.  Click the first icon located under “tools”( the information circle and arrow).  Then select the parcel for the home you’re interested in.

Click on the tool icon

Click on the tool icon


When this screen pops up, click on the preview icon (the paper and binoculars).

Click on the icon with the binoculars

Click on the icon with the binoculars

This will bring up a preview of the Title with the value of the property.



I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and helpful!