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Calgary Cell Phone Tower Locations

It is estimated that there are approximately 400 of these unsightly steel towers blanketing the city to date, with more popping up to the concern of those living nearby.

Calgary is under there...somewhere

Up next: a 61 metre tower proposed in the community of Tuscany to built along Tuscany Blvd within 12 Mile Coulee Park.  With most towers around 14.9 metres (49 feet) and 35 metres (115 feet) tall, it’s no wonder homeowners are concerned about this towering monstrosity that would be Calgary’s largest.

To view where cell phone towers are currently located in Calgary, you can check out this website.

The City of Calgary has cell tower FAQ’s that can be read here.

My question to you is:  Does the location of a cell phone tower affect your decision when buying a home?