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Question Box: How Can I Find Out If A Basement Development Has The Necessary Permits?

One of the main concerns buyers should have is whether the home they’re interested in purchasing has the necessary permits for the basement development such as electrical, plumbing and building permits – unfortunately many do not.

I always check for my clients, but here’s a couple ways you can find out for yourself:

1.  Visit the CityOnline store

You can purchase the Building Permit Status report for only $3.50

This report provides information on historical, current and pending Building Permits pertaining to the property and include the following information:

  • # of Dwellings
  • Estimated Value
  • Type
  • Application Date
  • Contractor
  • Building Use
  • Description

2.  Call City of Calgary Development Building & Licensing at  403-268-5311 between 8:00 a.m. & 4:15 p.m, Monday through Friday (closed holidays)

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