Community Name Changes

This is just a quick data housekeeping post to inform you that CREB®’s community names and districts will be updated to align with the City of Calgary beginning January 5, 2016.

City Districts

City will be comprised of 8 Districts

The majority of the community boundary and name changes will centre on the following:

  • “Estate” areas will be removed from the MLS® system as they are not recognized by the City of Calgary
  • New community names will be added (eg. Royal Vista )
  • Community updates (eg. Victoria Park & Connaught become Beltline, as the City changed that back in 2003)
  • Existing names will be changed to match City naming (eg. Saddleridge becomes Saddle Ridge)
  • Commercial area names will be expanded to match City naming (eg. Highfield becomes Highfield, Manchester Industrial, Alyth/Bonnybrook and Burns Industrial
  • Zones A, B, C, D will become eight districts
    • North
    • Northeast
    • East
    • Southeast
    • South
    • West
    • Northwest
    • City Centre

The community list with the old/new naming standards can be downloaded here pdf

One response to “Community Name Changes

  1. Jodi Flodstedt

    As a realtor working in these areas, I firmly believe that Quarry Park and Douglasglen SHOULD NOT be lumped together. They are too vastly different. See this petition:

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