Search Calgary’s Secondary Suite Registry

There are tens of thousands of secondary suites in Calgary, but only a few hundred of them are legal.

On MLS®, there are currently 399 suited homes for sale in the city, of which only 76 (19%) of them are disclosed as being legal.

Whether you’re looking to rent a basement suite or purchase a rental property, you can now easily verify that the suite is legal and safe.

The City of Calgary has created a searchable registry to browse which suites have been inspected and met the requirements under Alberta’s building code at the time the work allowed under the building permit was completed.

Click here to search


Note: If a secondary suite does not appear on the map, the property owner may have opted out from being listed.  However, all secondary suites can be verified by contacting the Planning Services Call Centre at 403-268-5311.

2 responses to “Search Calgary’s Secondary Suite Registry

  1. Mike can you explain something to me. How can listings be down around 5% yoy and sales be down around 35% yoy yet inventory has been flat to down, shouldn’t it be growing significantly? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Curt, there are currently over 1,000 more homes on the market than a year ago, and nearly 2000 more than two years ago:

    Oct 21, 2013: 3871
    Oct 21, 2014: 4604
    Oct 25, 2015: 5763

    Listings also expire or are terminated. Inventory cannot be calculated simply by looking at new listings and solds.

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