Update: Back on June 1st

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to write that on June 1st I’ll resume posting regular Calgary real estate market updates on this blog and twitter.

A medical emergency in early April requiring my hospitalization kept me on the sidelines, so I apologize if you had sent an email or posted something on this blog that went unanswered over the past while.

I look forward to discussing real estate with you all again!  🙂

Real Estate Domain Names For Sale

I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning and will be selling the following domain names:

  • calgaryandarea.ca
  • calgaryandarea.com
  • calgaryandarea.info
  • calgaryandarea.net
  • calgaryarearealty.ca
  • calgaryarearealty.com
  • calgaryarearealty.net
  • calgarycondosearch.ca
  • calgarycondosearch.com
  • calgarycondosearch.net
  • calgaryfinder.ca
  • calgarystats.ca
  • calgarystats.com
  • chestermerehomesforsale.ca
  • chestermerehomesforsale.com
  • airdriehomesearch.ca
  • airdrielistings.ca
  • airdrielistings.com

Email your offer and the domain you’re interested in to mike@findcalgary.com

7 responses to “Update: Back on June 1st

  1. Missed your posts Mike. Glad to hear you are okay and hope you have a speedy recovery!

    Thank-you! I appreciate it!
    -Mike Fotiou

  2. Paulette Marsollier

    Welcome back Mike. I hope you’re are almost as good as new!

    Me too, Paulette 🙂 Thanks!
    -Mike Fotiou

  3. Glad you’re ok Mike, looking forward to your posts!

    Thanks, Hussam!
    -Mike Fotiou

  4. have a fast recovery Mike and all the best

    -Mike Fotiou

  5. Was wondering what happened; glad you’re back in the saddle again.

  6. Glad to hear about your recovery Mike. All the best wishes to your health!

  7. Welcome back Mike!

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