Calgary Real Estate Historical Statistics – 2015 CREB® Revision

I promised back in November that I would provide the revised CREB® historical stats which reflect the new categories when they were made available, and here they are.

CREB®’s January 2015 month-end report will begin using these updated categories.

City of Calgary stat area

City of Calgary – 10 Year Historical
Includes: City of Calgary Total, Detached, Attached, Apartment
Download statistics package: click here pdf


Calgary CMA stat area

Calgary CMA – 10 Year Historical
Includes: City of Calgary, Rockyview Region, City of Airdrie. This will enable a comparison to data from Statistics Canada.
Download statistics package: click here  pdf

Category Definitions

Previously, properties were categorized based on ownership type and were grouped into single-family, condominium townhouse or condominium apartment.  Now, properties will be categorized and reported on based on the following new property types:

  • Attached: A unit (home) that is attached to another unit by at least one common wall.
  • Detached: A unit that is not attached to any other unit.
  • Apartment: An attached unit that has connecting enclosed hallway

Weekly Updates

I’ll be using these revised categories beginning with the February 1-7, 2015 weekly update, provided I can duplicate the official stats in our new system which I’m still learning/exploring – so please bear with me if  there are delays.

Have a great weekend!

One response to “Calgary Real Estate Historical Statistics – 2015 CREB® Revision

  1. Does the attached category encompass both freehold attached and townhomes that have to pay fees? I feel those should be seperate for sure.. As they are currently?!

    Yes, the attached category includes side-by-side infills and condo-townhomes alike. I would have preferred that they remained separate too.
    -Mike Fotiou

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