November 1-14, 2014 Calgary Real Estate Market Update

The condominium market is boosting overall sales while single family transactions are lagging behind last year’s pace.

Overall Calgary sales between November 1-14 are up 4% year-over-year thanks to a 17% and 30% spike in apartment and townhome sales.

The 563 single family sales MTD is above the historical average but it’s nearly a -4% decline from the same period last year.  As the benchmark price of SFH has climbed above the half-million dollar mark, some buyers are seeking out more affordable housing – whether it’s expanding their search to condos in Calgary or more inexpensive homes in nearby areas such as Airdrie.

Sales-to-new-listings ratio Nov 14 2014

Calgary home sales Nov 1-14 2014

Calgary home sales, Nov 1-14, Y/Y comparison

Calgary luxury home sales Nov 1-14 2014

Calgary luxury home sales, Y/Y comparison

Calgary Stats - Nov 14 2014

Calgary Stats Summary, November 1-14, Y/Y comparison

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