Flood Compromises Post-tension Cabling

Article by: CREB® Member Practice and Advocacy

Properties are still recovering from last year’s flood. For condos caught in the flood plain, post-tension cabling could still be compromised more than one year later.

In a recent presentation at the Association of Condominium Managers conference, engineer Anast Demitt, of ADEM Engineering Consultants Inc., warned of the potential risk.

Post-tension cabling provides structural support to buildings by reinforcing concrete slabs typically used in condominium parkades and within occupied residential levels.

In a recent inspection conducted this past summer, a condo parkade level that was submerged during the flood was still water logged one year later.

In his presentation on common and uncommon structural problems in buildings, Demitt reinforced the importance of conducting thorough structural inspections on flood zone condos. Condos buildings that were submerged in the flood should be inspected by structural engineers to reveal any inadequacies and reports should be kept on file within condo documents.

While post-flood structural damages must be considered on a building-by-building basis, the best practice for REALTORS® is to advise potential condominium clients to always undertake a thorough review of the condominium documents. Whether it is with their lawyer, a professional review company or another qualified person, CREB® reinforces the need to review documents before making any purchasing decisions.

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One response to “Flood Compromises Post-tension Cabling

  1. Honestly, I don’t even know what post-tension cabling is until I came across your post. Now, I know that it actually provides support to concrete structures for a much solid foundation. This is probably why it is important to always get your property inspected if the post-tension cabling is still very much intact after an earthquake or any type of natural event that may damage the structure. I will be reading more about post-tension cabling for additional learning. Thanks.

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