Alberta’s Population Expanded Nearly Triple The National Rate

Statistics Canada released the latest population estimates yesterday and there are some eye-popping statistics, particularly for Alberta.  Below are just some highlights that were compiled in the Quarterly Population Report from Alberta Treasury Board & Finance.   As you’re reading these stats, bear in mind how it relates to what we’re seeing the real estate market.

  • Alberta led all provinces in population growth for the 14th straight quarter, increasing by 35,000.
  • Year-over-year in July, Alberta added 114,493 residents, the second highest annual population gain on record.  That’s a 2.9% increase vs the national rate of 1.1%.
  • Alberta is the youngest among the provinces with a median age of 36 and has the lowest proportion of seniors and highest proportion of working age population.
  • In Q2, there were 13,204 net interprovincial migrants to Alberta, the second largest second quarter net inflow on record

To read the Statistics Canada release: click here

To download the Quarterly Population report: click here

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