Who Is Responsible If Neighbour’s Tree Falls Into My Yard? (And Others FAQs)

What a crazy week of weather we’ve had!  I hope you all are safe and weren’t too inconvenienced by the tree related damage and power outages.

The clean up is now in full swing.  Since September 9 until 10 a.m. this morning, Calgary 311 has received a total of 33,593 phone calls and 2,904 Service Requests submitted by 311’s online form and mobile app.  Below is a heat map of 311 calls related to the Snow Event and damaged tree calls from that period.

Source City of Calgary (click to enlarge)

Source: City of Calgary (click to enlarge)

The City of Calgary continues to have crews cleaning up debris in communities and are advising us to stay out of all parks as “dangling tree branches and sagging trunks pose a major safety hazard that could cause injury to pedestrians or cyclists passing under them.”  (Source)

Most helpful is the webpage the City has created answering all your tree clean-up related questions.   For example:

Who is responsible if my neighbour’s tree falls into my yard or mine falls into theirs? Who is legally responsible to cut it up and clear the debris?

This is an issue between two private property owners. If damage to your property has occurred, please contact your insurance company. If one of the neighbours (property owners) was on notice regarding a previous concern related to the tree, they would need to coordinate with their lawyer on how to proceed.

I live in a condo complex. Do we get tree debris curb side pick-up?

Multi–unit dwellings that are not served by The City for residential garbage or recycling pick up (condo, townhouses, apartments) will not receive curb-side tree debris pick up. Please contact your residents’ association to ask about the plans for your complex clean up or take your tree debris to a City landfill.

To read all the questions and answers posted, click here

Were you affected by ‘Snowtember’?  The lights flickered a few times and some trees and bushes around my home are looking a little sad and droopy but thankfully no major damage.

Please feel free to post your comment or question

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