Home Of Calgary’s Worst Mass Killing Sold


The Brentwood home where the worst mass murder in Calgary’s history happened sold today. It was listed on July 27th for $489,000 and found a buyer less than two months later.

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‘I just want to move on’: Owner of Brentwood home

This wasn’t the first Calgary home that was the scene of a mass murder to be sold.

In 2008, a Dalhousie resident killed a tenant, his wife and two of his three children before killing himself.  Two years later the home was listed and subsequently sold in under a month.

My question to readers: would you purchase a home that you knew had been the scene of a murder?  Why or why not?

6 responses to “Home Of Calgary’s Worst Mass Killing Sold

  1. I’ll answer the question. Yes I would – with some conditions.

    Prior to viewing/purchasing the home I’d need to be aware of the history and that the home had since been renovated. I’d talk to the neighbors to find out what their thoughts were – I wouldn’t want to be treated like a pariah had the community wanted the home razed instead of lived in again. Additionally, I would need to be mindful of future resale pitfalls so it’s important that I buy it for a good price.

    I just asked my wife if she would live in a home if she knew a murder had taken place there, and with a horrified look she said “Absolutely not!”

    So…I guess I have to retract my original response and answer: No, I wouldn’t 😉

  2. My Answer no way, Even the property is listed below the market price.
    I would prefer to pay more money and keep away from this sort of property.
    I never feel comfortable and most likely cant sleep at this type of property.
    In this case I will be spending more money to buy sleeping pills.

  3. I think we should pray for the new homeowner(s) and let them have peace living there, rather than disturbing them by giving our thought at this moment. If they can live in the house peacefully and comfortably, it would be good for everyone in the long run that eventual recovery would be reached.

  4. I think the buyer has demonstrated his ability to catch the opportunities in life and he did this at 23. I won’t be surprised to see him creating a facebook /google like company later on in his life. He dares to risk and possesses a big heart! Man like this will always be very successful. I hope findcalgary.com will still be available 10 years later. Let’s come back to talk about him again by then.

  5. What did it sell for?

    Check the Herald article
    -Mike Fotiou

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