Marketplace Survival Guide: Hiring Movers

I caught an episode yesterday of CBC Marketplace which originally aired almost a year ago but had missed.  It’s an eyeopening look at movers and what you can do to protect yourself.

If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, I recommend you watch this episode: click here


From CBC:

It’s the wild west for moving companies, so this week, Marketplace is wiring up a house with hidden cameras and getting ready for a showdown.

We found a great deal online, but what’s going to happen at high noon?

Bandit movers are robbing Canadians across the country with a truckload of tricks. From sneaky hidden charges to surprise contracts, fly-by-night movers make an already stressful day worse.

“I got robbed right in broad daylight and the worst thing is I called them to come to my house and rob me,” one angry customer tells us.

So Marketplace is tracking down one shady outfit. What happens when we decide not to stand up to their scare tactics? A showdown on the street.

How can you protect your wallet and your stuff from moving company mayhem? The Marketplace Survival Guide gives you everything you need to know to avoid your own movin’ day showdown. Watch the episode here

Tips On Selecting A Mover

  • Watch out for low prices, you could be hit with hidden charges later
  • Demand a written estimate and a copy of the contract before you move
  • Get proof they have insurance to protect you and your stuff
  • Deposits are usually paid before moving day
  • Do your homework.  Ask family, friends, associates for recommendations and referrals.

If you’ve used a mover that you would *recommend*, please leave a comment below.

One response to “Marketplace Survival Guide: Hiring Movers

  1. Great little blog piece:) I have had my fair share of bad movers and finally ended up finding a really good company for my last two jobs. They are called Furniture Relocators and at the moment seem to have some great blog articles themselves about how to avoid fly by night companies. Their website is if you want to have a look:)

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