Site of Future School: Buyer Beware


A major factor affecting most families decision on where to move is the proximity of schools for their children.

In Calgary, new subdivisions have signs that read something to the effect of  “Site of Future School.”  Many are discovering how long in the future that might be.

The Calgary Board of Education has this warning to potential buyers moving into a new(er) community:

“A sign that reads ‘Site of Future School’ in a new developing subdivision does not mean that a school is funded and scheduled to be built. Developers are required to set aside a certain amount of green space for parks, community centres and public and separate schools. These signs inform potential area residents that the new development has land set aside for schools. The developers, not the school boards, install the signs.”

Follow this link to the Schools Under Development page for the list of projects in process:


Calgary School Catchment Areas

To find out which school your children will be currently assigned to, you can search by address here.


Calgary Board of Education website
Calgary Catholic School District website

School Rankings

You can compare the academic performance of schools in Alberta here.

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