Best Performing Calgary Communities (June 2014)

The NW community of Coventry Hills led the way in June with 45 single family home sales, followed by Evergreen (41), McKenzie Towne (41), Auburn Bay (40) and Cranston (40).

Calgary Zone Map (click to enlarge)

Calgary Zone Map (click to enlarge)

Nearly all four zones/quadrants of the city had annual single family benchmark price growth in the double digits:

Zone A (mostly NW):  +10.86%
Zone B (mostly NE):  +13.65%
Zone C (mostly SW): +9.75%
Zone D (mostly SE): +10.71%

To download the community stats for June along with the MLS HPI® index, click here pdf

Historical Community Statistics

Historical statistics are now available at the community level going back to 2007 for monthly, or to 2004 by quarter.   You’ll be able to see how your neighborhood has been trending over the years instead of relying on general market statistics based on all of Calgary.

For example, here’s a snapshot for West Hillhurst total:

West Hillhurst monthly statistics

Snapshot of what data is included in the community report

The reports are also broken down by single family, condo-apartment, and condo-townhome categories.

If you’d like June’s report, please fill in the form below with your name, email address and the community of your choice. This part isn’t automated, so please allow for some time for me to download the report and send it to you.

Contact me at 403-554-2284 for at when you’re ready to buy or sell real estate and I would be glad to assist you.

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