Legal Grow-Ops Can Pose Same Risk As Illegal Ones

The following is taken from the CREA publication entitled: “Marihuana Grow Operations and Synthetic Drug Labs: What REALTORS® Need to Know” produced in cooperation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

legal grow ops

Canadians licensed under the regulations can access the government supply of dried marihuana, grow their own supply or have a designated person grow it for them. This created the reality of legal MGOs.The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations came into force in 2001, establishing a framework to allow access to marihuana by individuals suffering from grave or debilitating illnesses that cannot be relieved with conventional treatments.

Since 2001, Health Canada has issued some 12,000 licences, but these legal MGOs are not captured in any publicly accessible databases.

While the new regulations, the Marihuana for Medical Purposes
Regulations, which comes into force April 2014, will phase out Personal Use Production Licences and Designated Person Production Licences in favour of commercial producers, a trail of damaged homes will remain, and Canadians will have no way of knowing the history of these homes prior to purchase.

While legal, few medical MGOs comply with fire, building, plumbing, electrical codes and other regulations. They often contain the same safety and health risks as those outlined for illegal MGOs.

Once the personal use production licenses are phased out, do you think Health Canada should make public the addresses of these 12,000 grow-ops across Canada?  Should Alberta Health Services be required to inspect those homes in their jurisdiction?

If you’re interested in reading the entire booklet about MGOs, click here pdf

Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions below.

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6 responses to “Legal Grow-Ops Can Pose Same Risk As Illegal Ones

  1. For those more concerned about the spelling of “marihuana” you can read this article 😛

  2. The claim most medical cannabis gardens don’t follow the rules is not at all supported by the evidence. The vast majority of these ill people are producing quality medicine. They do not damage homes. They do not have mould in there gardens. They do not to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides. The do not have high rates of fire hazards.
    It is disturbing that these types unsupported by any evidence reefer madness propaganda claims still continues in this day and age of our modern world.
    All relators that are true professionals would take the time to educated themselves with evidence based facts and educate their clients with science and leave the reefer madness hysteria lies where they belong in the 1930s and 40s!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it. I’d like to offer some evidence where legal MGOs in Calgary have made the house unfit for habitation. Here’s one example. And another. How about one more? Let’s add this and this to the list. That took just a few minutes research and I was only looking at the health inspection orders from 3 months. This isn’t to say all legal MGOs are like this, but it doesn’t help to pretend the risk doesn’t exist.
    -Mike Fotiou

  3. Carol Francey

    Shush now! There is no greater problems growing any household plant. You use a House Inspector when you buy a house. The assessment of the house is his job. It’s logical a realtor group to try to get the Gov’t to do the job private people have always done. Trying to reduce the costs of off loading the market are we? Forget it!

    A home inspection is always recommended.
    -Mike Fotiou

  4. “Once the personal use production licenses are phased out, do you think Health Canada should make public the addresses of these 12,000 grow-ops across Canada?”

    That would be highly illegal and a huge violation of the patients privacy, how is that even a legit thing to ask? Shocking and disturbing if anybody says yes. Asking the question shows the author does not understand the situation at all. The author should apologize for even suggesting such a thing.

    Kaleb, you should be thanking me for providing a forum whereby you are able to dispel any misconceptions you feel people have about legal MGOs.
    -Mike Fotiou

  5. David Forgette

    Hear that sound? Farmers are laughing at you for being dupes of the Horsemen. The indoor garden scare campaign was manufactured by the RCMP as a political campaign to counter legalization efforts, as no one buys reefer madness scare tatics anymore.

    The legalization of marijuana is a different discussion altogether. I’m only concerned about the instances where a home is damaged, and the health/safety risks that are present to the unknowing homebuyers.
    -Mike Fotiou

  6. Calgary Herald, August 4, 2014
    City steps up fight against legal residential marijuana grow ops
    Read article here

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