car2go Offers Buyers Flexibility In Their Home Search

A tenet of the “Location, Location, Location” mantra for many buyers includes being in close proximity to public transportation and within walking distance to amenities such as grocery stores.

car2goWith the innovative car2go  program introduced in our city a year and half ago, buyers now have more flexibility when looking for that perfect home.

Calgarians have embraced the service with more than 35,000 members joining after just one year – that’s more members than any other city in North America, including Vancouver and Toronto.

The service provides people with an alternative to owning a second vehicle (or a car at all), having to wait for public transportation, paying for downtown parking, or using a taxi with their comparatively prohibitive rates.

car2go users can travel anywhere but must bring the car back to the “home area” to end the trip.  Since launching, the home area has expanded and now goes as far north as John Laurie Blvd & McKnight to the north, 53 St and Sarcee Trail to the west, Glenmore Trail to the south and Deerfoot Trail and Blackfoot to the east.

Some Calgary real estate agents are catching on with descriptions in the listings including  phrases such as “in the car2go zone.”

Has car2go influenced where you live or might buy a home in Calgary?

The car2go home area

For more information on car2go: visit their website

3 responses to “car2go Offers Buyers Flexibility In Their Home Search

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  2. Interesting. Would love to hear more from realtors using this or from buyers who ARE looking for this when house hunting.

  3. Definitely influences our decision while we are currently looking. Love the service and how it eliminates the need for two vehicles.

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