Rent Controls In Alberta

Did you know rent controls differ from province to province?  This variance across Canada is a reason why I feel the Price to Rent Ratio, often cited by housing bears as proof of a Canadian housing bubble, is inaccurate at best.  When there are government-imposed caps on rent increases in some provinces and not in others, while the resale market Canada-wide is bound only by supply/demand fundamentals, then of course the ratio will be skewed.

AlbertaAlberta is one province that has no maximum limit as to how high a landlord can increase rent – but there are still guidelines that must be followed.


There are no controls on the amount of a rent increase, but it can only be increased if there has not been a rent increase within the previous 365 days or since the start of the tenancy, whichever is later.

Before the rent can be increased the landlord must give written notice in advance. The specific timeframe is dependent on the term of the tenancy:

  • weekly: 12 full  tenancy weeks
  • monthly: 3 full tenancy months
  • any other periodic tenancy: 90 days

A notice of increase in rent must indicate the date on which the increase is to be effective and must be dated and signed by the landlord.

For mobile home sites, 180 days notice must be given by the landlord to raise the rent.

Below is a compilation of provincial fact sheets from the CMHC:

Please note:  landlord-tenant laws change from time to time in every province. This post and these linked guides are not intended to provide legal advice. If you require specific legal advice, contact your local rental authority or a lawyer.

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