Buying A New Home? Get Representation

Builder Program

Did you know that if you’re looking to buy a new home from one of the participating builders in the list below, there can only be one price for the home whether sold in-house or by a REALTOR®?

That means I can act as your Buyer Agent and provide representation and advice without costing you additional money or losing any leverage when negotiating.  Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Important:  I must accompany you upon initial contact to the builder’s show home and sign a registration form.  If the builder or any of the builder’s representatives had any previous discussions with the you as the prospective client/purchaser, they reserve the right not to sign the registration form.   So before you got out showhome browsing, give me a heads up and I’ll meet you there.

Albi Homes Ltd.
Arcuri Homes Inc.
Assured Developments Ltd.
Birchwood Properties Corp.
Burntwood Holdings Limited
CalBridge Group
Canterra Custom Homes
Canyon Custom Homes
Cardel Homes
Carolina Homes Inc.
Christina Homes
Cidex Signature Homes
Coco Homes Inc.
Cornerstone by Dallaise Homes
Crestview Homes Ltd.
Crossley Custom Homes
Crystal Creek Homes Inc.
Douglas Homes Ltd.
Excel Homes
Harvest Builders
Hawthorne Homes
Heartland Homes
Homes by Avi (Calgary) Inc.
Homes By Bellia Inc.
Homes By Us Ltd.
Jager Homes Inc.
Janssen Homes Ltd.
JayMack Custom Homes
Jayman MasterBUILT
Landmark Homes (Calgary) Inc.
Laratta Homes
Lask Homes Ltd.
Loreck Homes Ltd.
Lupi Construction Ltd.
McKee Homes Ltd.
Mission Homes
Newcastle Homes
NuVista Homes Ltd.
Reid Built Homes Calgary Ltd.
Rich-Lee Custom Homes
Schickedanz Bros. Ltd.
Shane Homes Ltd.
Stepper Custom Homes Inc.
Streetside Development Corporation
Talisman Homes Ltd.
The Statesman Group of Companies Ltd.
The Sterling Group
Traverse Developments
Trico Homes
Unity Builders Group Inc.
Westview Builders
Willowbrook Homes Inc.

The Builder/REALTOR® program began in 1997 as a co-operative agreement between CREB® and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) – Calgary Region.

The agreement was designed to improve working relationships between REALTORS® and homebuilders and to provide homebuyers with agency representation and advocacy for new home sales.

6 responses to “Buying A New Home? Get Representation

  1. In all fairness Realtors do not add any value to the negotiation process of a new house as builders will not negotiate and in some cases i’ve seen a realtors commission remove the little wiggle room that was available.

    With that said someone i think someone should always be represented by a realtor as it doesn’t cost anything and provides an experts point of view when it comes to the buying process and any possible issues buyers overlook.

    This recent issue on global news is a perfect example of a costly problem that could be avoided if they only used a realtor at that time.

  2. Hello Mike, I know you’re a new home sales associate around Edmonton. Perhaps your builder isn’t part of the EREB/Builder program? The list of builders in the Edmonton region that participate is quite slim compared to Calgary.

    I’ve helped clients negotiate prices & more. Just recently, a builder told my clients they could remove their finance condition even though the bank still needed an appraisal for a firm commitment letter. Fortunately, I was there to advise my buyers to push back conditions a few days until the bank’s financing was in place.

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  4. Jerry - Real Estate

    It’s best to have an expert realtor by your side. They basically help in negotiations and they know what is the best price for a real estate.

  5. My wife and I are Mike Fotiou’s recent clients whom he mentioned helping throughout discussions with our new home builder. He was a major asset throughout the buying process and we are both very glad we had him on our side to advise in our best interests. I would highly recommend having a realtor accompany you into discussions; as his blog post advises.

    Thank you for your open and informative communication style Mike. I hope others are able to benefit from your efforts. Even after completing the purchase of our new home, I continue to visit your blog for current information on the real estate market.

  6. The process of buying a new home becomes easy when you are taking the help of realtors. They can provide home buyers better representation and advice without costing additional money, so the chances of getting a quality home will increase and its become a good deal .

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