86% of Sellers Neglect Importance Of Their Garage

garage“There are three main areas that are deal breakers,” one new home sales associate told me as we were discussing the space and layout of different floor plans.  “The kitchen, the master ensuite, and the garage.”

If your home had a feature that a large percentage of buyers had under their “needs” list when shopping, would you not highlight it?  Would you not want to provide as much information as possible?

Garages come in all sizes.  A listing that simply states that the home has a single or double garage is too vague.   Actual measurements are essential.  The buyer wants to know if their minivan and car can both fit inside.  Is there any storage space?  Anywhere to hang their bikes?  Is the garage insulated?

Of the 1630  single family homes for sale on MLS®  in Calgary right now, 1395 have a garage of some sort.    Of those 1395 listings, only 198 have the garage dimensions in the listing – that’s only 14%!   That means 86% of the sellers aren’t highlighting details about 1 of the 3 most important aspects of the home.

When selling your home, choose an agent that inputs important details into the listing such as the garage measurements and uses floor plans as part of their marketing to save you time and generate more interest and exposure for your property.

Pro-tip:  A buyer client suggested that having a photograph of  cars parked in the garage would be extremely useful for a frame of reference.

Are you planning on selling your Calgary, Airdrie or Chestermere home?  Contact me at 403-554-228 or at mike@findcalgary.com

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