Why Choose An Agent That Uses Floor Plans In Listings?

Floor plans in listings are an excellent marketing tool that generates interest while saving you time.  Some agents shy away from using floor plans in their selling strategy because they can be fairly expensive.

It’s important to make the selling process as convenient for my clients as possible while at the same time working to get them the most amount of money for their property.  Below are several reasons why I use floor plans when listing a home.

Allows Buyers To Visualize Layout

Great photographs are essential for successfully marketing a listing.  That’s Real Estate 101.  However, it can still be difficult or impossible to understand the flow and layout of the home. A floor plan lets buyers visualize the rooms in relation to everything else.

Promotes Higher Calibre Showings

Perhaps the buyer doesn’t want the master bedroom sharing  a wall with the second bedroom.   Or maybe they don’t want a washroom in the vicinity of the kitchen.  Or…  there are an infinite amount of reasons a buyer may not like the layout of the home.

With a floor plan, a buyer will be able to see upfront whether the layout is to their liking.  This will filter unnecessary showings and ensures that the buyers that do come to view the home are really interested.

Saves You Time

It isn’t easy preparing the home for a showing: getting it tidy, postponing meals, getting the kids ready, and then having to leave the home for at least an hour.

What if after all that time & effort, the feedback received from the buyer’s agent was: “they didn’t like the layout.”   How frustrating and completely avoidable with a floor plan.

Generates More Buyer Interest

According to the UK’s largest property portal, Rightmove, floor plans generate 30% more interest than properties without one.

In their newest survey they found that:

  • Buyers are less likely to inquire about a property without a floor plan
  • A floor plan is more important than the main image or the summary description
  • Home-hunters are less likely to arrange a viewing if there is no floor plan

Examples of Floor Plans In My Listings

Floor Plan Example (click to enlarge)

Floor Plan Example (click to enlarge)

Floor Plan Example (click to enlarge)

Floor Plan Example (click to enlarge)

There’s no doubt that floor plans are an extremely favorable tool to use when marketing a property, both from a monetary and convenience point of view.

I look forward to hearing from you when it’s time to sell your property!

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