Grow Op Free Alberta Initiative Consultation Report

Consultation report“Alberta is experiencing an increase in the cultivation of marijuana inside residential homes,”  begins the consultation report released by the Government of Alberta late last month.  “This practice poses significant and unacceptable risks to Albertans and our communities.”

The report  continues, “The physical health and safety hazards associated with marijuana grow operations (MGOs) are extensive. High humidity levels cause mould growth in walls, floors and ceilings and can weaken the structural components and surfaces of a dwelling. The presence of mould and chemical residues can lead to immediate and ongoing air quality issues in the home. Alterations to the water system can contaminate soil, groundwater and municipal water supplies. Exposed electrical wiring and alterations to the electrical system in general pose dangers to first responders and surrounding residents. In addition, MGOs bring criminals, weapons and sometimes violence into otherwise quiet neighbourhoods.”

In light of the above, consultations were held across the province earlier this year with police agencies, municipalities, fire officials, public health inspectors, safety codes officers, home inspectors, utility companies and associations, mortgage and real estate companies and other organizations.

The main themes of the consultation were:

1. Detection, Notification and Disclosure
2. Community and Environmental Impact
3. Inspection and Remediation
4. Child Protection
5. Safety and Health Hazards
6. Utility Usage and Theft

To read a summary about what was heard from stakeholders and from the public, click here to download reportpdf

One response to “Grow Op Free Alberta Initiative Consultation Report

  1. This is a joke the ony reason it gets to this point is because it is illegal stupid. if it was finally legal a person might have a couple plants growing for him self. or outside in a shed instead of having to buy weed from the people with weapon you speak of. close to 50% of the people i know spoke weed in fact im guess 80% of canada population has smoked figure who your argument is with … Government treating us like children stopping our freedoms so it is grown like this in secret indoors by mostly thugs 🙂

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