Redux: “Toilets Full To The Brim”

Perhaps you’d rather not be reminded of the post from last year about the Canyon Meadows listing that had the following description:

Property is vacant and now have key with limited access, daytime only due to no electricity & crowded poor conditions of home…Property is very unsanitary, extremely smelly and did have over 23 free flying birds living inside the house = lots of bird droppings etc. No utilities whatsoever, hard to move around inside so only serious buyers please. Absolutely no children allowed inside!! All 3 toilets full to the brim

In case you forgot what it looked like, here’s a little reminder:


Needs a little tidying (Warning!  You might not want to enlarge image)

The asking price for the home was $350,000.

Would you be surprised to learn that it ended up selling for $338,000?

The new owners had the home renovated and listed it again in June for $499,900.

4 responses to “Redux: “Toilets Full To The Brim”

  1. Update: It seems the new owners didn’t do a thorough job with the renovations…

  2. so SO gross. They only did a 75% reno of that place, not a 100%…i really hope so sort of health inspector goes through there before being listed again.

    true story: when you posted this article last year, i forwarded it to 5-6 friends, saying “hey, who’s wants to buy this place and reno it!”. Specifically meaning that WE would be doing the renovations and not some very desperate 3rd party. Sadly, 2 of them asked for more details.

    God I hate HGTV.

    The first time someone flips a property, they realize it`s not as easy as it looks on TV. There`s no effective way to convey how stressful & frustrating it can be for someone that isn`t experienced.
    -Mike Fotiou

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  4. Here’s a photo album of the home after the renos: click to view

    It’s a shame if the smell remained…

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