Best Performing Calgary Communities (August 2013)

Top 5 Communities For Single Family Home Price Growth
(Year-over-Year HPI Change, August 

  1. Rosemont (+17.64)
  2. Upper Scarboro (+17.08%)
  3. North Haven Upper (+16.27%)
  4. Applewood (+16.25%)
  5. Rosscarrock (+16.24%)
HPI Summary August 2013

Communities with the largest and smallest y/y HPI change for Single Family Homes in August 2013

The number of communities that recorded negative price growth year-over-year increased to six from four the previous month.

  • Scarboro (-3.67%)
  • Lower Mount Royal (-3.15%)
  • Lakeview Village (-2.38%)
  • Britannia (-0.96%)
  • North Glenmore (-0.89%)
  • Altadore/River Park (-0.44%)

To view all the communities along with different property type categories such as Apartment and Townhomes, along with time periods dating 1-6 months and 1-10 years back, download the HPI Summary Report August 2013.   pdf

Remember, the HPI is for general price trends in each housing category while the Benchmark Price is just for the ‘typical’ home in that community as outlined in the Attribute Report.

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