Calgary 2013 Civic Census Results

The 2013 Census Results from the City of Calgary is now available for download which contains a summary of current data, historical data, ward comparisons, and ward and community summaries.  The results are for the period from April 2012 to April 2013.

Calgary 2013 Civic Census Summary

Community Growth
Evanston is this year’s leader in growth at a community level with a population increase of 1,680. There were seven additional communities that experienced growth of more than 1,000 residents, including:

  • Auburn Bay (1,632)
  • Cranston (1,578)
  • Skyview Ranch (1,519)
  • Panorama Hills (1,358)
  • New Brighton (1,325)
  • Copperfield (1,108)
  • Aspen Woods (1,100)

From April 2012 to April 2013, 19,067 more people moved to Calgary than moved away from the City. This represented a small decrease compared to last year, when the total was 19,658. Natural increase (the result of births over deaths) surpassed the number from last year by 629, for a total of 10,260.

Calgary’s population increased 29,327 or 2.62% to reach 1,149,552.

The number of housing units, both existing and under construction continued to rise, increasing by 9,019 to 468,358; an increase of 1.96%.

The number of vacant dwelling units in Calgary continued to decrease, falling by 834 to 11,782, compared to 12,616 in 2012. Vacant dwelling units are defined as units that are suitable and available for occupancy, excluding those units under construction or renovation. The overall vacancy rate in the city is 2.59%, down from 2.82% in 2012.

There are currently 442,558 occupied dwellings. Of those, 303,166 or 68.5% are owner-occupied. In 2012, the comparable percentage was 69.28%.

2013 Calgary Census Data

City Wide Tables

Ward Tables

Community Tables

2 responses to “Calgary 2013 Civic Census Results

  1. Here’s an interesting statistic: if Calgary was located in the US, it would be the 10th most populous city.

    1 New York city, New York 8,336,697
    2 Los Angeles city, California 3,857,799
    3 Chicago city, Illinois 2,714,856
    4 Houston city, Texas 2,160,821
    5 Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania 1,547,607
    6 Phoenix city, Arizona 1,488,750
    7 San Antonio city, Texas 1,382,951
    8 San Diego city, California 1,338,348
    9 Dallas city, Texas 1,241,162
    10 San Jose city, California 982,765

    Source: US Census Bureau 2012 Estimates

  2. It would be interesting to know how the real estate market is doing in similar sized cities in the US…

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