Best Performing Calgary Communities (May 2013)

The MLS® Home Price Index is the best measure of price and price trends for residential properties.  By using the MLS® HPI, we are able to better understand past & future price trends.

Four of the five top performing communities from April were not on the list in May – Rosemont being the only exception.

Year-over-year price growth for Mt. Royal – which topped the two previous months – slowed to 11.19% in May from 21.68% in April.

Top 5 Communities For Single Family Home Price Growth
(Year-over-Year Change, May  2013)

  1. Inglewood:  +13.08%
  2. Rosemont: +12.44%
  3. Temple: +12.42%
  4. Varsity Acres: +11.83%
  5. Mayfair: +11.71%

The number of communities that recorded negative price growth year-over-year decreased from 5 in April to only 3 in May:

  • Sunalta: -6.68%
  • Scarboro: -1.92%
  • Lakeview Village:  -0.15%

Top 5 Communities For Condo-Apartments Price Growth
(Year-over-Year Change, May 2013)

  1. Palliser: +19.08%
  2. Braeside: +16.09%
  3. Shawnee Slopes & Evergreen Estates: +15.37%
  4. Canyon Meadows: +14.08%
  5. Cedarbrae: +14.03%

There were only 3 communities that saw prices fall from year ago levels compared to 6 in April and 13 in March:

  • Forest Lawn -2.76%
  • Greenview -0.47%
  • Coach Hill: -0.25%

To view all the communities along with different property type categories such as Apartment and Townhomes, along with time periods dating 1-6 months and 1-10 years back, download the  HPI Summary Report May 2013 pdf

Remember, the HPI is for general price trends in each housing category while the Benchmark Price is just for the ‘typical’ home in that community as outlined in the Attribute Report.

2 responses to “Best Performing Calgary Communities (May 2013)

  1. Marty Kennett

    Hi Mike,
    I would be interested in how Hidden Valley is performing. My unscientific view seems to show that prices have been stagnant or falling for several years while surrounding communities appreciate. Maybe it’s the flight path?


    Hello Marty, you can download May`s HPI report here and search for the property type you`re interested in for Hidden Valley. For example, single family homes there have increased 4.78% year-over-year but are up only 1.28% from 5 years ago.
    -Mike Fotiou

  2. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the link – I’m surprised by the 1 year result but the 5 year “feels” right based on our experience. It’s definitely a lagging neighbourhood compared to others in the area.

    Thank you for your superb website and hard work.

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