Best Performing Calgary Communities (April 2013)

The top 3 communities in Calgary with the highest year-over-year price growth for single family homes was unchanged from the previous month.  Here are the results according to April 2013’s  MLS® HPI:

Top 5 Communities For Single Family Home Price Growth
(Year-over-Year Change, April  2013)

  1. Mt. Royal (+21.68%)    no change
  2. University Heights (+17.95%)   no change
  3. Parkhill / Stanley Park (+16.74%)   no change
  4. Upper Scarboro (+15.08%)    up
  5. Rosemont (+15.07%)   up

Note: arrows indicate movement on the top 5 list relative to the previous month, not of price-growth direction.

April 2013 set a new record high in prices, surpassing 2007 levels.   Someone commented, “In my part of the world all I’m seeing is price decreases, not increases.”

That very well may be as communities can trend differently from the overall market in general.  The number of communities that recorded negative price growth year-over-year increased from 2 in March to 5 in April:

  • Sunalta (-7.43%)
  • Diamond Cove (-3.81%)
  • Hillhurst (-2.0%)
  • Roxboro (-1.05%)
  • Scarboro (-0.39%)

Top 5 Communities For Condo-Apartments Price Growth
(Year-over-Year Change, April  2013)

  1. Downtown East Village (+14.26%)  up
  2. Victoria Park (13.90%)  up
  3. Altadore / River Park (+13.33%) no change
  4. Edgemont (12.66%)  up
  5. Parkdale (12.35%)  up

There were are 6 communities that saw condo-apartment prices fall from year ago levels in April, compared to 13 the previous month:

  • Forest Lawn (-4.88%)
  • Coach Hill (-2.97%)
  • Greenview (-2.73%)
  • Thorncliffe (-1.90)
  • Rosscarrock (-1.52%)
  • West Hillhurst (-0.99%)

To view all the communities along with different property type categories such as Apartment and Townhomes, along with time periods dating 1-6 months and 1-10 years back, download the  HPI Summary Report for April 2013 pdf

Remember, the HPI is for general price trends in each housing category while the Benchmark Price is just for the ‘typical’ home in that community as outlined in the Attribute Report.

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