April 1-7, 2013 Calgary Real Estate Market Update

On the last day of March, our MLXchange system experienced an outage.   Calgary agents were unable to login to post sales for most of that Sunday.  That evening I joked:

Sure enough, a couple days later:

Sales decline due to outage?

Sales decline due to outage?

So does that mean that a sales increase in April can be attributed to having one extra day of sales? What’s good for the goose…

In all seriousness though, Sunday sales are by far the lowest of the week.   In March, combined sales for SFH & Condo ranged from 17 to 29 on any given Sunday.  On Monday April 1st there were 65 total sales compared to 84 the previous Monday – so there wasn’t any sales surge caused by the few sales that were carried over.

So how did sales in the first week of April compare to previous years?

Single family home sales are up 9.66% year-over-year.  Interestingly, new listings are also up 3.68% this month which is welcome news to buyers. Right now active listings are down -18.21% y/y; we started the year off at -31%.

April Sales

April home sales

Luxury sales for 1st week of April

Luxury sales for 1st week of April

Calgary Weekly Summary for April 1-7 (click to enlarge image)

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