Calgary Rental Listings On MLS®

Residential rental properties are an important segment of the real estate landscape in Calgary, making up 26% of the housing stock in the city.

Many real estate boards, including Canada’s largest board, the Toronto Real Estate Board, offer rental listings on MLS®.  If you watch any of those shows on HGTV like Income Property, you’ll see it’s agents helping homeowners and advising how much they can rent their place for.

CREB’s Board of Directors is currently referring the concept of listing rental properties on the MLS® to the membership for consultation with the most recent meeting held just yesterday.

Rental listings would be available on When searching for
rentals, the For Rent box would have to be checked (see below) in
order to view available rental properties.

REALTOR.CA screenshot

REALTOR.CA screenshot

As you can see, the framework for providing listings in Calgary is already there. In time, CREB will be able to provide ongoing rental market reports and data to Calgarians.  (More statistics for me!! I’m giddy)

I hope that this program will be implemented as there have been many times where I needed to find a place for clients to rent, but had to use public sites with their limited info and search criteria.

2 responses to “Calgary Rental Listings On MLS®

  1. what would the cost be to buy an mls rental listing? kijiji is popular because it is free despite other shortcomings.

  2. Anon, it still hasn’t been determined what CREB will charge its members…and what members charge will depend on their individual business models. I’m sure you’ll see everything from flat-fee offerings to full-service property management (if they’re licensed for it)

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