February 1-14, 2013 Calgary Real Estate Update

In 2012 the only month not to register a year-over-year growth in sales was January.  So while the 15% sales jump last month was good news, it wasn’t especially meaningful since it was measured against a comparatively weak month.

By month-end February 2012, single family home (SFH) sales had increased to their highest level since 2007.   Now a y/y increase over February 2012 would be telling, wouldn’t it? (especially since it had an extra week day to boot)

At the midpoint of this month there have been a total of 603 SFH sold: an increase of 6.73% y/y – nowhere near boom-time levels – but positive nonetheless considering the rule changes that came into effect last summer.

SFH Statistics (Feb 1-14)

SFH Statistics (Feb 1-14)

Single family home sales (click to enlarge image)

Single family home sales (click to enlarge image)

Luxury Home Sales 

Month-to-date, 29 homes have sold for $1M and over (27 SFH and 2 condos)

Elbow Park has been the most active community with 7 sales, followed by West Hillhurst with 5.

The February record was set in 2012 with a total of 42 sales – a record that is already in jeopardy of being broken this month.


Condo sales have improved 23% from last February, but still behind 2010’s pace.

Condo Statistics (Feb 1-14)

Condo Statistics (Feb 1-14)

Condo Sales

Condo Sales

One response to “February 1-14, 2013 Calgary Real Estate Update

  1. Seven more homes sold for over a million yesterday alone. As of this morning the luxury sales total sits at 37, just 5 shy of matching the February record set last year.

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