January 1-21, 2013 Calgary Real Estate Market Update

I’m away on vacation this week but I wanted to keep you (and myself) updated.  So before my wife wakes up (I promised to keep work to a minimum, hehe) , here’s a quick look at how the Calgary market has been performing 3 weeks into the month and year.

(click to enlarge image)

Jan 1-21 Year-over-Year comparison.  First column is 2013, second is 2012 (click to enlarge image)

Single family sales are up 5.48% from last year during the same time period, with new listings lagging a slight -1.47%. But considering that the month started with inventory down ~30% from last January, we have the makings of a tight Spring market for Calgary buyers that thus far seem to be unaffected by any mortgage rule changes like the rest of the country. The average price is currently up 14.82% y/y while the median is up 10.59%.

Sixteen homes have sold for $1M or more which matches last January’s month-end total but we are a long ways off the January 2007 peak of 36

Overall condo sales are up, but the condo-apartment segment is trailing by 4 sales (-3.48%) but again, that’s offset with the even greater reduction of new listings (-10%) The average price is up 8.79% and the median is up 7.24%

Townhomes sales are up 27.14% while new listings are down -11.47%. Despite those numbers, the average price is up only 1.42% while the median is showing the only price decline of all the segments at this time: -1.14%

If you’re sending me any emails or requests for sold prices during the next week, please be patient with me.  I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible  🙂

6 responses to “January 1-21, 2013 Calgary Real Estate Market Update

  1. Happy vacations Mike..!

    Thank-you! 🙂
    -Mike Fotiou

  2. have a excellent time away Mike , turn the computer off!
    I am guilty of doing the exact same thing LOL

    I enjoy updating my blog and keeping track of the market over a cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t feel guilty, lol
    -Mike Fotiou

  3. having to rely on someone on vacation to show real estate info for calgary? shows how opaque the market is here. Hopefully one day zillow will arrive and there will be another source of sales info. thanks for posting mike

    The statistics are updated daily here, and you can see sold prices and addresses with a quick signup here whether I’m on vacation or not. How is that opaque?
    -Mike Fotiou

  4. if you didn’t have this option available the only way to figure out what a house sells for is to call a realtor.

    You could always purchase the Land Title from Service Alberta. This information is publicly available.
    -Mike Fotiou

  5. you also have it set up so that the street address is not readily identifiable, possibly due to rules about what you can and can’t publish. the street makes a pretty big difference on the price on inner city property, for example is the house on a busy street or one block in across from a quiet park. Because you provide the service the calgary market is considerably less opaque to me at least, but still pretty hard to get real specific selling data. And while I appreciate your making this available, it is not ‘searchable’ for example I can’t look up an address. Secondly, it is up for a week or so, and then gone. It remains a great tool to see what houses sold for, days on market, for recent sales (a week or so), and I am grateful you do it. I don’t want to hound a realtor with info requests, particularly when I am just browsing. So I check your link regularly for the best info I can find, which happens to be here.

  6. Anonymous – you’re referring to my “Sales of the Day” which gives a general overview of market activity.

    My Market Snapshot narrows it down by postal code, displays addresses and sold prices going 90 days back, plus other trends. Click here to sign up.

    To see a screenshot of the Market Snapshot in action, click here

    I think that’s more of the information you’re looking for. If not, feel free to send me an email. I won’t think you’re “hounding” me. 🙂

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