The 5 Most & Least Expensive Calgary Homes Sold In 2012

Calgary’s 5 most expensive homes sold on MLS® in 2012 (as of December 27, 2012)



Community:  Britannia
Sold Price: $6,000,000

This home on Britannia Drive made headlines back in April when it sold for  $6,000,000 making it the third most expensive single family home to sell on MLS® in Calgary.

It was on the market for only 2 days and at a list price of $4,999,900.


Elbow Park

Community: Elbow Park / Glencoe
Sold Price:  $4,525,000

This newly built executive family home by Maillot Homes (still under construction in the Google images picture above) sold in September.

A 1914 home used to be situated on the lot.  That property was sold in 2010 for $1,700,000.


Briar Hill

Community: Briar Hill
Sold Price:  $3,975,000

Another new home, this time by City Core Developments, makes the top 5 list and also sold in September.    This ridge property has stunning panoramic city views.


Elbow Park

Community: Elbow Park / Glencoe
Sold Price:  $3,850,000

This beautiful home was designed by Suzanne Devonshire Baker.  It just sold on December 8th.



Community: Britannia
Sold Price:  $3,600,000

Rounding out the top 5 is another home located on Britannia Drive which sold above list price  – by $600,100 to be exact.  It was listed on May 31 and sold on June 3rd.

Britannia Drive was the focus of the City of Calgary earlier this year when trees were illegally cut behind a couple of the homes on the street.

It happened in a forested area behind two houses in the 4200 block of Britannia Drive, along the escarpment overlooking Riverdale Park and Sandy Beach Park on the other side of the Elbow River.

The trees obscured the view of the downtown skyline from the properties, one of which was recently listed…

Karen Paul, the past president of the Britannia Community Association, got a call about a week ago from a concerned resident, she said.

“I can only tell you that circumstantially the properties behind which this occurred were recently sold.  If you stand in the one that will most likely be slated for redevelopment, it looks to me like it was done to open up a city view,” she said.  (Source)

Five different homes have been listed on the 4200 block of Britannia Drive this year.

Five Least Expensive Properties Sold

This list can be tricky.  There are many parking stalls, storage lockers, mobile homes, homes that had to be moved off the lot, or homes to be sold with 1/2 interest ownership.    Here are the 5 least expensive properties that sold excluding those mentioned above.


Highland Park

Community: Highland Park
Sold Price:  $79,000

This Centre Street condominum was a 2 bedroom “handyman special” requiring work.


Forest Lawn

Community: Forest Lawn
Sold Price:  $80,000

Targeted to investors, this 1 bedroom unit was sold with tenants in place.   It’s currently back on the market with a list price of $119,000.



Community: Sunalta
Sold Price:  $80,000

Tied for the second least expensive property, this was another handyman special.  It was located in a  building with no active condo board or property management company.



Community: Redcarpet
Sold Price:  $81,900

A main floor “cozy” 261 sq foot bachelor suite – but with enough room for in-suite laundry.



Community: Sunalta
Sold Price:  $85,000

Two units sold in this building for the same price.  They were both below grade, sold as is where is, and 485 sq ft.

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