December 1-14, 2012 Calgary Real Estate Update

The Calgary real estate market is following the same pattern we’ve seen the past few Decembers without any untoward changes visible on the near horizon.

Between December 1-14, there were 411 single family homes sold representing an increase of 3% year-over-year and closely inline with levels we’ve experienced  since 2009.

New listings this month are down -5.88%, so it’s no surprise that homes are selling an average of 4 days quicker MTD.

The average price…sigh.  It currently sits at $509,658 – up nearly $42,000 from last year during the same period.  I cannot stress enough that this is because of the luxury market.  Twenty-one homes have sold for a million or more in the first 2 weeks of December compared to 16 for ALL of December 2011.  (Remember that one blog anecdote how apparently nothing was moving over $1 million in Calgary? heh)

The median price is currently sitting at $422,500, up from the $395,000 this time last year.

SFH Sales (click to enlarge image)

SFH Sales (click to enlarge image)

Condo Sales (click to enlarge image)

Condo Sales (click to enlarge image)

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