Chestermere Real Estate Statistics (November 2012)

The Town of Chestermere had 17 single family home sales in November, matching the previous month’s total and up 7 from last November. There have been 197 sales YTD, an increase of 13% YOY and already surpassing 2011’s year-end total of 186.

Four condominiums sold during the month pushing the YTD total to 41, also ahead of 2011’s year-end total  36.

Chestermere monthly sales (click to enlarge image)

Chestermere monthly sales (click to enlarge image)

Would you like to see more info and pictures on the homes that sold in November?  Just send me an email at with “Chestermere November“ as the subject heading  (I wont spam or harass you – I promise)   🙂

Below is the statistical breakdown of the 21 homes that sold:

November sales stats (click to enlarge image)

November sales stats (click to enlarge image)

Chestermere News

On November 19, 2012 Council passed a preliminary 2013 budget for Chestermere.

The budget includes an approximate 3.5% increase to residential taxes.

This means that a home assessed at $400,000 will pay approximately $5.73 a month more in municipal taxes in 2013 (please note that this does not include school taxes and taxes imposed by other jurisdictions).

The 3.5% increase will allow programs like snow plowing, community events, fire response, and other services to continue operating at the same high standards despite pressure on resources from additional new homes, roads, and parks. In addition to maintaining current levels of service, the budget will also allow the Town to pursue Council’s top priorities.

Some of Council’s Priorities for 2013:

New Police Station: Chestermere’s RCMP detachment currently operates from the old Town Hall that was built in 1979. The building is too small for the force and lacks many important features of a Police Station. The new building will be completed in 2014.

Expanded Peace Officer Program: The Peace Officers work to enforce the Town’s Bylaws and are an important part of keeping our Town safe, clean and appealing. The budget allows for the Town to hire another Peace Officer which will improve response times and availability of officers.

Economic Development Officer: An Economic Development Officer will facilitate the expansion of the Town’s commercial base which will help ease the tax burden on residents in the future and help the Town become more attractive and sustainable.

• Fund Development Coordinator: Hiring a Fund Development Coordinator to research and apply for grants and other methods of funding will bring increased revenues to the Town allowing more programs to operate without affecting the tax rate.

Development of Recreation Plan: The 2012 Community Survey asked residents about their vision for future recreational and leisure services in Chestermere. The results of the survey will play an important part in the development of the Recreational Facilities and Amenities Plan.

Beginning of Anniversary Park Redevelopment (Scheduled to begin December 2013).


Announced Forecasted Tax Increases for Calgary Area Municipalities (in percentages)
Airdrie: 6.7% increase
Calgary: 5.7% increase
Cochrane: 6.75% increase
Okotoks: 4.7% increase

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