“Toilets Full To The Brim”

If you have a strong stomach, no sense of smell, and are looking to invest in a judicial sale, have I got the deal for you 😉

These two Canyon Meadow bi-levels in SW Calgary are located just across the street from each other and currently listed for sale:

The one on the left is listed for $459,900 and is conditionally sold.  The one on the right is listed for $350,000.    Aside from a lack of landscaping maintenance, it looks alright from the outside.

As for the bare bone structure,  both are nearly identical.   Only 10 sq ft difference, 3 bedrooms up and 1 down,  2 and a half baths, fully finished basement, double attached garage, and a difference of only 6 square meters in lot size, etc.   Can’t you smell opportunity?

That’s not opportunity you’re smelling…

The description of the one listed for $350,000 reads as follows:

Property is vacant and now have key with limited access, daytime only due to no electricity & crowded poor conditions of home…Property is very unsanitary, extremely smelly and did have over 23 free flying birds living inside the house = lots of bird droppings etc. No utilities whatsoever, hard to move around inside so only serious buyers please. Absolutely no children allowed inside!!

The private comments add this juicy insight:

All 3 toilets full to the brim

Do you want to see pictures of the home?  Try not to gag when you see the bathroom:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So…are there any takers? 🙂

3 responses to ““Toilets Full To The Brim”

  1. got to love the display of cleaning products in that filthy bathroom.

  2. Honestly, that’s disgusting. To think anyone would even think of paying $350,000 for this hoarder hell-hole just brings home how crazy real estate prices in Calgary have got. Thank god I rent.

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