Sales Have Already Surpassed 2011 Year-End Totals

Tax Freedom Day this year was June 11: the day an average Canadian family had earned enough money to pay the taxes imposed on it by all levels of government. From June 11 to the end of the year, taxpayers keep all the income they earn.

(This is a stretch of a segue but I thought of it while preparing my taxes, so bear with me…)

Calgary sales for single family homes, condo-apts, and condo-townhomes have already surpassed 2011’s year-end totals so I was curious what day that happened specifically for each segment. Sort of a variation on Tax Freedom Day whereby all sales recorded after a certain date is strictly a year-over-year increase. (I warned you it was a stretch)

Single family homes

The 2011 year-end sales total was 13,120.
On October 25, 2012 the year-to-date (YTD) total was 13,150


The 2011 year-end total was 3,139
On November 14, 2012 the YTD reached 3,140


The 2011 year-end total was 2,238
Somewhat interestingly (at least for me), sales reached a year-over-year increase also on October 25, 2012 with a YTD total of 2,241

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