Calgary Luxury Home Sales Still Going Strong In November

Talk of fiscal cliffs and budget deficits has done nothing to curb Calgarian’s appetite for luxury homes with sales still going strong in November.

Between November 1-20, there have been 29 single family homes sold in Calgary for a million dollars or more.   That’s on pace to set a record high for the month of November, after already setting an October high last month and a total record high earlier this year in May.

Calgary November Luxury Home Sales (click to enlarge image)

Communities with the most activity so far this month include Elbow Park with five sales and Aspen Woods with three.

You can view a brief summary and photos of the homes that have sold so far this month: here

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like more info on any of those homes.

Check back tomorrow to see how the rest of the Calgary real estate market is performing with the November 1-21 market update.

3 responses to “Calgary Luxury Home Sales Still Going Strong In November

  1. Hi Mike
    Question. What does the “original price” represent? Is that the price that the sellers originally paid? If so, just about all of these sellers lost money.
    Another thing, the orig price on the St. Andrews house is stated as $14,000,000. Surely that’s a typo?

  2. Hello Watcher,

    “Original Price” in the link means the original asking price for that particular listing – not what it previously sold for.

    The St. Andrews Heights one is a typo. The listing agent had accidentally posted the home for sale at $14,000,000 instead of $1,400,000.

  3. Calgary luxury houses for sale are getting increased and the people interested in buying a luxurious property is also rising and it will be rising more in December as the winters are the favorable time to sell the property and to buy one for the buyers.

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