Calgary Skyline: Then & Now

This before/after panorama of the Calgary skyline was taken by Calgary photographer Nathen Jantzen.  For more gorgeous pictures, visit his photostream.

It’s amazing how much the skyline can transform in just a few short years.

© Nathen Jantzen. Reposted with permission. Click to enlarge image

From Nathen Jantzen:  The top skyline is from May 29th 2008 and the bottom was taken on September 2nd 2012. There are noticeable changes, plus even more smaller and hidden buildings behind Suncor and Encana.

Top photo was taken with a Nikon D80
Bottom was taken with Nikon D800 (13 image panorama)

From this angle 14 new buildings can be seen (lots are still hidden too)

1. Luna
2. Colours
3. Nuera
4. Eighth Avenue Place
5. Keynote1
6. Keynote 2
7. Palliser South
8. Centennial
9. The Bow
10. Bow Valley South Block
11. Waterfront
12. Riverfront Pointe
13. Union Square
14. Bow Valley College

View Nathen Jantzen’s photostream

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