June 1-28, 2012 – Calgary Real Estate Update

Calgary single family homes continue to post sales gains year-over-year, but sales have been easing as the month has progressed.

Month-to-date sales are up +17.2% from the same time period last year.

June 1-28 Y/Y Comparison (click to enlarge)

Sales have been slowing in June (click to enlarge)

With the mortgage rule changes announced last week, we should see some sort of blip in the number of sales in the next week or two. SFH pending sales between June 22 and June 28 increased 27.5%. Bear in mind that these are the conditional sales that are actually being reported.

Luxury sales ($1M+) have totaled 51 so far this month compared to 42 last June.   However, last month there had been 67 luxury sales during the first 4 weeks.

Average prices are up 3.2% year-over-year to $492,148.  The median is up 2.9%  to $430,000.

Prices are currently down from May’s month-end average price of $502,065 and median price of $436,000 which were both the second highest on record.

Calgary Condominiums

Condo sales are up 3.4% from last June with the increase primarily due to the townhome segment.

Condo Sales (click to enlarge)

The average price of the 547 units sold was $311,095 with a median price of $270,000.

Last June, the month end average price was $296,319 with a median price of $265,000.

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