May 1-14, 2012 Calgary Real Estate Update

We’re only about half-way through the month, but if the market continues to trend as it has these first two weeks we may see new single family home price records set for May.  Condos are a different story…

Year-over-year, SFH average prices are up 2.02% while the median is up 2.7%.    The average price is no doubt being boosted by a good dose of luxury sales – 36 homes have sold for a $1 million dollars or more.  Month-to-date, prices are up from the previous 5 years.

Single Family Home Prices (click to enlarge image)

SFH Luxury Sales (click to enlarge image)

Condo prices are up from last year but still haven’t rebounded like the single family segment has.

Condo Prices (click to enlarge image)

While SFH prices are flirting with boom-time highs, sales are still far below the levels seen 5 years ago.  Year-over-year both SFH and condo sales are up 26%.

Sales May 1-14, 2012 (click to enlarge image)

You can view more statistics including sold prices at:

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