Britannia Home Sells For $6M: One Million Over Asking

Image Source: Google Maps

This home in Britannia sold yesterday for $6,000,000 making it the third most expensive single family home to sell on MLS® in Calgary and a further testament to the burgeoning luxury market.

It was on the market for only 2 days and at a list price of $4,999,900. You can view more details and pictures of the home here.

The property was marketed and sold by RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) and  I confirmed with the listing agent that the sold price was correct.

Mike Fotiou is an Associate Broker with First Place Realty and is registered as a Certified Condominium Specialist and Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. Whenever you’re ready to buy or sell any real estate, please call 403-554-2284 or email at:

2 responses to “Britannia Home Sells For $6M: One Million Over Asking

  1. Here’s the story in the Calgary Herald (April 24, 2012)

    $6 million MLS sale third highest ever in Calgary
    Multiple bids force price to $1 million more than list price

    Read article here

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