Dear Public, I’m Sorry

Dear Public,

I feel it necessary to apologize for some of the REALTOR® commercials and what they imply.

I know you’re not stupid or a bumbling idiot.  I understand that real estate isn’t rocket science and that some people choose to buy or sell a home by themselves and do so successfully.

What agents do offer is a great service for those that don’t want to go it alone. We have the time and tools necessary to make it more convenient for you.  Because of our experience and wealth of data, we are able to impart expert advice & knowledge.  Our negotiating skills can help you meet your financial goals.

The intent of these “light-hearted and humourous” commercials are to promote REALTOR® value and highlight the services REALTORS® can provide you, but the condescending manner it’s presented in irks me.

I’ve expressed my disappointment to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) about commercials before and have received the standard response: “We appreciate and welcome all feedback from members and the public and we thank you for taking the time to comment.”

So again, I’m sorry.

Mike Fotiou

Mike Fotiou is an Associate Broker with First Place Realty and is registered as a Certified Condominium Specialist and Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. Whenever you’re ready to buy or sell real estate, please call 403-554-2284 or email at:

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