Calgary Luxury Sales Climbing to Boom-time Highs

In the first half of April there were 21 single family homes in Calgary that sold for a million dollars or more.  Year-to-date  that total is 130 – just short of 2007’s tally.

(click to enlarge image)

(click to enlarge image)

So far this month luxury sales were recorded in the communities of:

  • Altadore/River Park (3)
  • Aspen Woods (2)
  • Canyon Meadows Estates (1)
  • Cranston (1)
  • Edgemont (1)
  • Elbow Park/Glencoe (1)
  • Elboya (2)
  • Garrison Woods (1)
  • Mount Royal (1)
  • Parkhill/Stanley Park (1)
  • Roxboro (1)
  • Springbank Hill (3)
  • St. Andrews Heights (1)
  • West Hillhurst (1)
  • West Springs (1)

Despite the increase in million dollar sales this month, average prices for all single family homes are down slightly from the previous April MTD.

April 1-15, Calgary Single Family Home Average Prices
Y/Y Comparison

2012: $475,035
2011: $479,408
2010: $455,253
2009: $422,233
2008: $470,245
2007: $476,511

Mike Fotiou is an Associate Broker with First Place Realty and is registered as a Certified Condominium Specialist and Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. Whenever you’re ready to buy or sell real estate, please call 403-554-2284 or email at:

6 responses to “Calgary Luxury Sales Climbing to Boom-time Highs

  1. Flips from April 15 & 16th

    Community: Forest Lawn
    Sold for $315,000
    Previously sold in January 2012 for $240,000

    Community: Whitehorn
    Sold for $310,000
    Previously sold in Sept 2011 for $255,000

  2. Community: Maple Ridge, C3507620
    Sold (2012, March), LP:$569,900
    Previously: C3480043
    Sold (2011, July), LP:$449,900

    Community: Maple Ridge, C3503508
    Sold (2012, March), LP:$499,000
    Previously: C3480205
    Sold (2011, June), LP:$344,500

  3. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board latest report demand on new houses will increase even more. It is by no surprise, that prices are increasing too. Let me point out that they are still much lower than in Toronto or Vancouver Real Estate Market: Calgary vs Toronto).
    In my point of view, Calgary is still far away from real and threatening housing bubble.

  4. Thank you Mike!

    What about appearing some listings on Calgary map when I use “Map-Based MLS System Search” from
    C3514829, C3495871 show in Calgary, in fact these properties are in Black Diamond, Cochrane.

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