2012 Calgary New Home Builder Rankings

J.D. Power has released the results of 2012’s Alberta Single-Family New Home Builder Customer Satisfaction Study(SM) and three builders have been recognized as J.D. Power Builders of Excellence for providing outstanding service and high customer satisfaction.

Congratulations to: Cedarglen Homes, Mattamy Homes and Morrison Homes.

The study measures new-home buyer satisfaction throughout the new-home purchase and early-ownership experiences among builders in Alberta, and is conducted in association with the Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta. Customer satisfaction is measured across eight factors:

  1. builder’s service/warranty staff;
  2. builder’s sales process/staff;
  3. home readiness;
  4. construction site/team;
  5. workmanship/materials;
  6. price/value;
  7. physical design elements; and
  8. design centre/decor centre.

From the JD Power website:

To achieve this distinction, a homebuilder must perform within the top 20 percent of customer satisfaction scores, which are based on benchmarks established in J.D. Power and Associates’ customer satisfaction research.

“Top performing builders typically deliver homes both on schedule and without any outstanding construction issues,” said Dale Haines, senior director of the real estate and construction practice at J.D. Power and Associates.

According to Haines, many builders will request their buyers attend a ‘pre-drywall orientation’ or a ‘frame walk’. This is the builder’s opportunity to confirm with the buyer the construction options and materials selections they’ve made. However, it is also a home buyer’s best opportunity to understand the construction quality of their home. This extra step drives higher customer satisfaction by highlighting signs of quality construction and offering transparency.

“The Professional Home Builders Institute is proud to be able to offer customer satisfaction surveying to all Alberta new-home builders,” says Angela Tripathy, Chief Corporate Officer. “Congratulations to the 2012 Builder of Excellence. Customer satisfaction will set you apart in this industry!”

I’ll have the full rankings posted when they are available.

Mike Fotiou is an Associate Broker with First Place Realty and is registered as a Certified Condominium Specialist and Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta. Whenever you’re ready to buy or sell real estate, please call 403-554-2284 or email at: mike@findcalgary.com

9 responses to “2012 Calgary New Home Builder Rankings

  1. Update #1

    From JD Power:

    We are not planning to conduct a Canadian New-Home Builder Study – Calgary in 2012. That study, like all of our traditional home builder studies in which we measure customer satisfaction among new-home owners and rank builders in the various markets in Canada and the U.S., have been put on hold until the market rebounds.

    However, we are continuing our Builder of Excellence recognition program.

    I’ve asked if we can still see the rankings of the other builders that weren’t in the top 20%. I’m waiting to hear back.

    Update #2

    JD Power wrote “The research program for builders in Alberta has been redesigned; one of the key elements that changed is that no builder rankings or scores are released publicly. I’m afraid the information you seek can’t be shared.”

  2. Flip sold on April 17, 2012

    Community: Martindale MLS# C3504156
    Sold for $338,900
    Previously sold in August 2011 for $250,000

  3. distraught home buyer

    So, I guess we wasted hours of our time completing the J D Powers survey on the understanding it would clearly be part of the consumer reviews. Knowing our builder would rank only in the bottom 20, for failing in so many areas, rankings now withheld from prospective buyers as a means to protect profits of the worst builders. This is more important info for consumers than the top 20. JD Powers no longer a consumer survey ranking, but an business award system.

  4. Distraught: I was very disappointed to hear that they are withholding the complete rankings as well.

  5. Itotally agree with “distraught Home buyer” Our builder and developer as well would rank at the bottom, information we looked for when we were buying was not shown on your website. We got duped. And we spend hours doing your survey as well, giving the builder and F, we then got letters for your company to redo again, as if you didn’t want to accept the F we gave. JD Powers is definately not a consumer ranking system, therefore of no use to consumers at all.

  6. Cedarglen homes does not belong in the same sentence as Morrison Homes except as an antonym.

  7. This survey is garbage because results are not available to public. Builders need to be regulated and fined heavily for any non-compliance in relation to their customers. City of Calgary should draft a standard agreement that would protect customer from crooks in building industry. Too many honest people being hurt and no one is there to protect them. It’s atrocious!

  8. Is there a web site from where we can find about the best and the worst builders in the cilty of Calgary. Also is this the right time to buy or not? Kindly help!

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