February 2012 Calgary Real Estate Statistics

Calgary single family home sales in February totaled 1284 – that’s the highest February total since 2007 when 1936 homes sold.  Year-over-year, it was an increase of +10.88%

The average price of a SFH inched upwards +1.64% from last year, from $462,142 to $469,725.

Calgary Real Estate: SFH February 2012

Condo sales were down -2.6% from last Feb with 453.  The average price was $298,537 with a median of $275,000.  This was up  +2.7% and +2.8% respectively y/y.

Below you can see the condo statistics broken out into apartment-style and townhomes:

3 responses to “February 2012 Calgary Real Estate Statistics

  1. Mike, your updates are extremely appreciated, as always. Just a quick question, would it be possible to display Median Prices as well, rather than just the Average?

  2. Hi CP,
    The SFH median price was $413,750 in February, compared to $399,950 last year (+3.45%)

    On my daily stats page you’ll see two graphs, one of which will be providing the median price

  3. Pretty shocking drop in the SFH absorption rate this month – it usually drops from Jan to Feb but not that much. At this pace it will be a hot sellers market unless interest rates pick up or some new pin drops. I’m thinking we could see ab rates in the 1-2 range at the end of March.

    Even though its February, I’d feel safe calling an inflection point here…

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