February 1-28, 2012 Calgary Real Estate Update

With 2012 being a leap year, I wanted to do a quick year-over-year comparison of 28 days of February. CREB will be releasing the full month-end statistics tomorrow.

Single Family Homes

Sales MTD in February are the highest since 2007 with 1201. That’s an increase of +3.71% from last year. The average price is up +1.65% from $462,142 to $469,787.

While sales have been increasing, new listings have declined -14.43%. Last February at this time there were 2,245 new properties listed. So far this month we’re up to 1,921.

(click to enlarge image)


427 units have sold compared to 465 last year, a decline of -8%. The extra day this month will narrow that gap some. The weakness lies with the apartment-style condos since townhomes sales are actually up +6.52%; Apt-style sales are down nearly -18%.

(click to enlarge image)

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