Airdrie MLS® Listings 46% Unoccupied

If you’re looking for a quick possession home, take a look at Calgary’s northern neighbor city: Airdrie.

Of the 301 currently active SFH & condo listings, 139 of them are unoccupied – either new construction or resale that is vacant.  Of the unoccupied SFH, half of them are new construction including some homes built by solid builders such as Nuvista which received 5/5 overall satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2011 rankings.

Below is the breakdown:

(click to enlarge image)

3 responses to “Airdrie MLS® Listings 46% Unoccupied

  1. If you buy house in Airdrie think twice.Very,very high traffic volume by PLAINS. Noise from aircrafts 24/7 and with build 4 th runaway in Calgary International it’s will be only increase.I don’t know who that clown who is created “Cooper Crossing Estate”, but very nice: Aircrafts 600ft above you head and one by one!!! Railway track 300ft (32-34 trains per day)!!!! and of course beautiful HWY#2 500ft!!! Some people say:” I don’t care” and may be
    they are right…….?

  2. Airdrie is a wonderful city to live in. Planes do turn over Airdrie when they are landing N-S, but frankly that doesn’t create noise (they are often turning over East Airdrie). The train doesn’t come through 32 times a day – I would say 6 times. Unless you are right next to it, you will not notice (and we know that people living next to the train say they get used to it…). Access to the Highway in my opinion is a huge benefit, giving access to the large mall and Calgary in no time.

    I have lived in Airdrie for about 8 years, and I would buy in Airdrie over Calgary anytime! Just an opinion.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your viewpoint – it’s nice to hear from an actual resident.

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