Calgary Ranked 9th in CIBC’s Metropolitan Index: 2011 Q3

CIBC’s Canadian Metropolitan Economic Activity Index assesses the relative performance of Canada’s major cities using 9 key macroeconomic variables:

  • Population growth
  • Employment growth
  • Unemployment rate
  • Full-time share in total employment
  • Personal bankruptcy rate
  • Business bankruptcy rate
  • Housing starts
  • MLS Housing resales, and
  • Non-Residential building permits.

Source: CIBC (click to enlarge image)

During the third quarter of 2011 and for the second time in a row the city of Toronto topped the list, showing the fastest economic momentum as of the third quarter of 2011.

Edmonton was ranked second in the momentum index, reflecting the city’s strong labour market with overall employment rising by almost 8% (year-overyear) in Q3 – the fastest pace among all Canada’s CMAs.

Calgary came in 9th place, but had top 5 placement in the following criteria:

  • Population growth (#2, behind only Saskatoon)
  • Full-time as share of total employment (#3)
  • MLS unit sales (#5)

You can read the entire report here

2 responses to “Calgary Ranked 9th in CIBC’s Metropolitan Index: 2011 Q3

  1. 2012 is off to a great start. People seem to have an interest in buying this year. 2011 business was down, but that is real estate. Great website here. Best of luck to everyone in 2012, realtors, purchasers and sellers.

    Please stop spamming my blog. Links removed.
    -Mike Fotiou

  2. Dave,
    what planet are you on?
    Have you checked this site out all? Mike has stats and reviews each week. Jan this year is SLOWER than last year.
    Both SFH and condo sales this Jan are less than the 10 year average. Try to keep up

    A good try to get a backlink placed though.

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