Sweet Oil & Sour Gas Well Locations in Calgary

Royal Oak residents in NW Calgary are concerned about a new exploratory well that was recently approved

You may be surprised to know that there are over a dozen sweet oil & sour gas wells already operating within Calgary city limits, with many more that are no longer active.

In the map below:

  • Red outline: City limits
  • Green: Oil Wells
  • Orange:  Sour Wells
  • Open circle: Active
  • X or /: Not Active

There’s also an interactive map on wellTriever: click here

Oil & Gas Wells in & around Calgary (click to enlarge image)


12 responses to “Sweet Oil & Sour Gas Well Locations in Calgary

  1. Have to say I am surprised at what is already here in the city. But goes to show things must be run well as I ve never heard of them or any problems. The sour ones are a big concern if something goes wrong.

    On the real estate side of things is Jan slowing down? kind of looks like sales are down

  2. These sour wells have been around a long time. The odds of a well blowout are nil. Pipelines do fail however, and often, as they age. But odds are still slim of a catastrophe.

    Sales are in free fall. People who are waiting to list when ‘spring’ hits will be in for a shocker.

  3. sales are in freefall and will continue this way.

  4. One of the oldest wells in Alberta is in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (22 blocks from the Calgary Tower). It was spudded in 1908 by Arhcie Dingman several years before his famous Dingman #1 in Turner Valley launched the Alberta Oil Boom (http://canadachannel.ca/HCO/index.php/1913_-_Dingman_Discovery_Well_Launches_first_Alberta_Oil_Boom). The ticket says Col. Walker’s well was only operational for a year and then finally shut-in in 1947. The UWI is 02-12-024-01-W5.

  5. City eyes protocol to deal with urban oil and gas drilling
    Calgary Sun, February 27, 2012

    Read article

  6. I don’t think anyone can truly say the odds of a blowout are nil. Many would’ve believed that about nuclear power too at one time. Odds are only nil “until” the first time it happens — and then the oil companies change names and say once again, “We’ve never had a blowout yet.” Never say never.

  7. Update:

    Calgary Herald, June 2012
    Royal Oak residents rally against oil well near homes
    Policy review planned for energy developments within urban centres

    Read article

  8. Calgary fire chief raises safety concerns in Mahogany
    Fire department calls for risk assessment of S.E. community located near a sour gas well

    Calgary’s fire chief has significant concerns about response times and public safety in parts of the new southeast community of Mahogany.

    Bruce Burrell put his concerns in a letter to the city, but none of those issues have been addressed so far.

    The area is home to hundreds, but the community is still being built, and parts of it are within an emergency planning zone for a nearby sour gas well and pipeline.

    Burrell says his crews can’t meet the city or the provincial standard to respond within 10 minutes.

    Read entire article at CBC

  9. Saw a hockey game over the week end between midnapore (SW) and coventry hills (NE). The kids from midnapore were on average a foot taller than the coventry kids. anything to do with the fact that coventry has all those wells in its neighborhood? i think so. Quit trying to close your eyes to the truth. oil is bad for your health no matter if sour or sweet. Then i went shopping for a house near the new well in ROyal Oak, and i asked the neighbor of the house i was looking to buy what her thoughts were on this situation. she told me she was fine with it since she works for Shell!!! WTF, just because you get a pay check from Shell the oil industry gets the right to drill a well in your back yard and make your entire family sick. The mentallity in calgary is messed up.

  10. Great news!

    Controversial oil well planned near Calgary’s Royal Oak community moves further away from area.

    Kaizer Exploration Ltd. has agreed to move a contentious sweet oil well site proposed in the community of Royal Oak 2.3 km to the east, the company announced in a letter to area residents last week.

    Read full article

  11. Hmmm, so that would help explain the never-before recent heard “boom” in the NW. It makes perfect sense, considering that there was no intense temperature drop that night.

  12. Hazardous materials release

    At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 22, a sour gas well rupture caused a release of hazardous materials in the area of Dry Creek Bay in southwest Airdrie.

    The area around the site has been secured including the road closure of Range Road 264. An evacuation of the immediate area is complete and crews are currently on scene dealing with the situation.

    Residents in southwest Airdrie, areas south of Airdrie in Rocky View County and north west Calgary may notice an odour related to this release. Air quality is being monitored.

    Residents are asked to avoid the area around Yankee Valley Blvd. and 24 Street and follow the directions of local authorities.

    An informational Alberta Emergency Alert was issued to provide residents details regarding the incident and potential odour.

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